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What happens when two friends decide to quarantine together during a worldwide pandemic. Will their contrasting personalities drive them crazy or will their friendship strive?

Director: Devin Redmond.
Writer: Melissa Carvajal, Milbelynn Soto, Devin Redmond.
Key Cast: Melissa Carvajal, Milbelynn Soto.


A girl is being cyber bullied, she finds a bottle of pills to find peace.

Director: Marian Reyes
Writer: Marian Reyes
Key Cast: Marian Reyes


pa-o-lah is a self-portrait poetic documentary about Paola Méndez Colón. In the film, Paola describes what it’s like to grow up so far away from family and her cultural roots. Navigating through the climax of her decade-old cultural identity crisis, she is faced with the urge to move out of the United States but not knowing where to go. As Paola prepares to graduate from college she is tempted with exploring Spain or coming back to her Puerto Rican roots. Seeking a place to thrive in. A place to call home. A place where she can go by Paola.

Director: Paola Méndez Colón
Key Cast: Paola Méndez Colón, Maribel Colón Vélez, Delia Vélez Pacheco

OPUSXTRAVELXART Xhibition, Reina Mar

Moe the Mos travels to Teaneck NJ to meet vocalist Reina Mar on the eve of her self-titled debut EP. Her Ted-X talk combined with his visits to Cuba, the two reveal Reina’s storied lineage and bright future.

Director: Maurice Porcher
Writer: Maurice Porcher
Key Cast: Reina Mar

On the Other Side

A young woman gains perspective on America’s immigration problem through her own family’s struggles.

Director: Michelle “Pastel” Villalba
Writer: Michelle “Pastel” Villalba

Oda a los Frijoles / Ode to the Beans

A literary and visual rendition to beans, this experimental short merges a cooking recipe with archival footage of immigrants and fieldworkers.

Director: Karolina Esqueda
Writer: Karolina Esqueda